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    Add option to select multiple slots and join them simultaneously

    D · 0 · Posted

    The current design where users have to join each slot separately, and then receive a separate confirmation email for each slot is a truly inefficient and frustrating experience. So for a signup with hourly slots for an entire day, I'd have to add my name/email 8 times - even though I'm logged in and you have my name & email address, i still have to click on this dialog box every single time, then click another button to return from the confirmation page to join another slot. And then I'm literally getting 8 separate confirmation emails. And if you're signing up for

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    Fixed Column Headers?

    Joyce Lai · 1 · Last reply by Andrew Hao

    It would be nice if the column header can remain fixed for long sign up forms (i.e. whole day from 7am to 10pm) - thanks!

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    Sign-up per person

    Ahmed Abouaesha · 1 · Last reply by Andrew Hao

    On some of the joinin sheets I've used, some people have signed up to a slot more than once, I think there should be something in place to alert them, especially if it's a 5-slot session...